Piano Lesson Benefits

One of the best ways for a child to reap the rewards of self-esteem is by learning to play the piano. Taking piano lessons at an early age is a tremendous confidence builder. What other form of ''exercise'' allows a child to challenge himself or herself to the fullest by reading two lines of music, while simultaneously using both ears, arms, legs, feet, and all ten fingers. Once a child puts the energy into playing the piano, he or she starts to notice results, and begins to develop a new found confidence in completing tasks.

There are many ways that a child can develop a healthy sense of self. Encouragement and a positive attitude are of great help. These are traits that a music teacher can truly bring out in a student. Piano teachers know that ''constructive criticism'' and praise go a long way in helping a child feel good about what he or she has accomplished. Few children will become concert pianists. But virtually every one who takes piano lessons will benefit from increased concentration, coordination, and self-esteem.

I believe that everyone has musical abilities. My approach to teaching piano and unlocking those abilities is one of mutual respect and positive reinforcement.

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