Lesson Information

Our piano year typically follows the school year. Lessons begin in September and continue through May. There are 34 teaching times throughout the nine month period, (32) private lessons a Holiday recital in December and a final Spring recital in May.

Piano tuition is based upon a yearly fee. We take that yearly fee and divide it equally over a nine-month period. Consequently some months have more lessons than others do. Payment for books and music will be added to the monthly tuition when applicable.

My studio hours are 3:30 - 8:00 PM Monday through Thursday and lessons are 30 minutes in length. Yearly schedules (in PDF format) for each teaching day are available at the links below.

Monday 2020-2021 Lesson Schedule

Tuesday 2020-2021 Lesson Schedule

Wednesday 2020-2021 Lesson Schedule

Thursday 2020-2021 Lesson Schedule